Postiguet Beach

La Playa Postiguet

A number of beaches are easily reached by foot, bus and tram in Alicante. Some of the well known beaches of Alicante are Playa de la Albufereta, Playa de Postiguet, Playa de San Juan etc. Last weekend we decided to go to the beach “Playa de Postiguet,” which is very close to get in the city. We got off the mercado tram station and walked straight down to arrive in the beach. It is more or less  a 15 minute walk from mercado tram station as we can see in the map below.12973318_1001304506574124_4072059986870210791_o


Playa de Postiguet is a gorgeous beach situated at the base of the imposing Mount Benacantil. The beach is 900 meters wide. The water is warmer here because it is a sea, not an ocean. It was not the first time in Postiguet beach for the four of us. All of us have visited the beach before, as it is one of the most beautiful site in Alicante. We walked along the beach by the waves, and it was a good time for us all. There were a lot people on the beach because the weather has become so nice.In fact, people started going to the beach  around Easter. It was really sunny day so the beach was quite full,making it feel like a real summer in Alicante.


While at the beach we discussed the different beaches we have been to. Ayushma told us how she feels really excited every time she goes to the beach, so that she can click a selfie for her friends back home in Nepal. There is no beach there, which made her appreciate how wonderful it is to be around things your own country does not have… both for the experience and the bragging rights! The beach is perfect now for laying out in the sand, and will be warm enough soon for swimming too.

From the beach we can see the face of “Moro” in Mount Benacantil, the face mentioned in our last post about Santa Barbara’s Castle. All of us saw the face in the mountain… except Sianna. So we spent a lot of time trying to show her the face of moro in the mountain while we were on the beach. We walked around the beach and the palm bridge, just next to the beach and Volvo Museum. There are many bars offering refreshments and foods near the beach, which many tourists and locals were enjoying, along with the good weather on the beach.

The beach itself is really clean. The beach is awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and being a local beach it is being used all the time of the year. There are feet washers and toilets for the public. The services for the beach goers are well organised here in Alicante, which attracts tourists and local people during the summer. Because of this sometimes it is  hard to get place to stay in the beach during summer. But it is always worth going!


It is a perfect source of entertainment for visitors and has a huge social value. Currently it is one of the beautiful tourism attractions in Alicante. It is neat and clean as was awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness. The beach is a natural resource where the local government had provided services which is useful throughout the year. In summer the visitors can get a lot of massage and drink services which is really a good thing for tourism,however the beach is now overcrowded which creates problems for the locals during summer. They throw things here and there and create problem in the heritage site of Alicante. The beach can be further developed by keeping crowds in check, keeping the beach clean and letting the visitors know the importance of the beach for the locals by some more interpretation panels.

Our thoughts:

It is a wonderful beach which is located near to the town. I love the view of Postiguet beach from the top of Santa Barbara. It is so beautiful that I spend hours just watching the beach from the top. The water has good quality and it is the best place to spend time during holidays. – Ayushma

The beach is wonderful. For me, it is odd because from a distance it reminds me so much of home, but walking along it really proves how different the beaches here are from California. The water is much warmer because it is a sea rather than an ocean, and the sand itself is so much softer and more interesting! I love going to this beach, it is perfect for a nice day out. -Rebecca

Without doubt a lovely place for visiting it if you guys are in Alicante not only in the summer time but also in the winter as the weather is not too cold along the year here and people can enjoy a beautiful walk by the pathway and even along the beach on the sand without shoes! The scenary is gorgeous with the sea on one side and Santa Barbara castle and the city of Alicante on the other side. The only not very good thing I could say about this beach is that in summer tourists and even locals must be careful as many robers are quick to rob your bags while people are sunbathing, and also because there are many people walking around trying to do a massage for you asking you money at all times. This should be better managed by the local police. -Julieta



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